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Readings by world renowned Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen.

Welcome to the spiritual world of a highly evolved soul that wants to share her light with the seekers of pure truth and universal love!


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Seeking the help of a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Kabbalist

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 07/04/15

Avail the help of Psychic mediums in Michigan to solve issues related to your life

There are times when we are not able to cope with the problems in our lives because they never seem to end. For such issues, you may need the help of psychic medium who can see your problems in different dimensions which is not possible by every human being. In the field of spiritualism, a psychic medium is a person who looks beyond the horizon and gets to the real cause of the worries and help you get rid of them. You can also visit Spiritual churches to get in touch with one of these media and seek solutions to the issues.

There are several psychic medium in Michigan who are available for tarot card reading, palm reading, astrology and other psychic activities. The services are often availed by schools, corporate houses and individuals. Many people have benefited with these spiritualistic activities and have solved their problems with surety. People often undermine the problems that they face in life and do not act over it. At times, even if they act, nothing concrete is achieved. Such people must not despair as there is a psychic medium that can provide solutions to all woes of life.

How the spiritual power of healing can be utilized?

God bestows a few people with powers that enable them to see things in many dimensions. The cause of the problem that you face today may be the repercussion of your acts in previous birth. Many such reasons may be the real cause of worries. Not everyone can observe such things as it requires special powers that only a psychic medium has. The psychic powers have no boundary and it can surpass any limit and get to the root cause of the problem as well as its solutions.

Spiritualism is divine and there are some whom the god chooses to bless with divine powers that are not found in normal celestial being. The psychic medium in Michigan is called at numerous places as clairvoyants who are said to have powers that empower them to predict the future accurately and know the course of events beforehand. While some clairvoyants are born that way, some learn the skills and hone them to open up to the world of spiritualism. If you are facing troubles in your life related to business, job, marriage and a relation, a psychic medium can help you get rid of all the worries by communicating with spirits.    


Michigan Psychic Speaks About Her Tibetan Mantra Practice

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 05/29/15

I find so many similarities within the many religious that I study. I love the beauty of the Hindu relations and practice many of their mantras. I also study with my Kabbalah teacher for Los Angela’s, California. She works for the Kabbalah Center. One of The Traveling Psychics who lives in Grosse Pointe and is an English born citizen who knew the Beatles through a mutual guru back in the hippy days is a regular at the Detroit Temple. He turned Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen onto Tibetan Mantras a couple years ago. She practices on a daily basis when her busy and hectic schedule permits by starting with the chanting along with her first cup of coffee. The gorgeously displayed and unique mantra interrelations of German born Deva Premal, English native Miten, and Nepal’s famous flutist Manose have inspired Sherrie Ellen to practice daily in her Oakland County residence. She finds that it raised her vibration and helps promote her in being a clear channel for her clients.

Clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen has introduced many of her clients to such practices. She swears to their mystical properties of enlightenment.  She also found her life changing in so many positive ways after obtaining the twenty three books of the sacred Zohar. It increases her abilites as a psychic medium. She is a habitual scanner. She has been studying under Batsheva Shouser from the California Kabbalah Center for many years now. She realizes when she is lax in her studies that she feels more stressed out and drained on an energy level. She promotes many of this studies and traditions to her clients that feel dark energy around them, because she knows that it keeps faith and hope alive. All of these ancient spiritual practices and intertwined. The only thing that divides them is the language. But she does believe that Kabbalah is the deepest of the mystical practices.

For many years Master Sherrie Ellen has been studying with other like minded individuals,  the art of mediumship at many Spiritualist Churches in the Oakland County area. She also is honored to have sat in many meditation circles with some of the most spiritually inclined and talened prophet baring intuitives in this decade.

Sherrie Ellen has been studying a diverse variety of religious practices including Judaism throughout her junior high school years to the present. She found her first deck of tarot cards at fourteen years old. But tarot is not her first choice as a tool. There for she will tell all that she does not consider herself a tarot card reader even though she does travel with them when she entertains at events. She is the founder of The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company. With this talented group of fortune tellers she entertains at homes, corporate events, charities, colleges and high school graduations throughout the states of Michigan, Ohio and Windsor Ontario.


Psychic Development Class with Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 05/01/14

One of the most talented Michigan psychics and light workers is ready to come out as a teacher and stand in front of those who would like to develop their own abilities.  By the request of so many of the clients of Master Michigan psychic medium She is offering to take students on who would like to develop their spiritually, psychic abilities, mediumship, and other unique skills.  She is also available to help those that are ready to learn the art of manifesting their dreams and heart desires.  In her classes, she will introduce you to the archangels, angels, spirit guide.  You will learn of other light and dark entities and energies. Some you will want to invite in and others you will want to keep far away from.

Sherrie Ellen will teach you how to protect and clear your personal space and energy. You can have so much fun giving your friends and family psychic readings. Once you get in touch with your own personal spirit guides they will help glide you through and assist you with your readings. If you want how to read tarot cards Master Sherrie Ellen will tell you to just buy a book and watch YouTube videos. You do not need to take a class to learn how to read a deck of cards. She urges whoever is interested in working with this tool to just find a particular deck that you are drawn to. It’s all very personal.  Sherrie Ellen will tell you that she is not a tarot card reader. When she does use a deck she prefers to work with an Angel Deck. And mostly they are used when she is entertaining at events with The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company.

Some of her clients she does ship out to one of her favorite Spiritualist Churches to develop light mediumship skills. But many prefer to learn from her. She does not sell packages. She charges per class. And her students are not obligated to purchase a certain number. It is and will continue to be the student’s personal choice how often and how many sessions they feel that they need. Sherrie also offers meditation lessons which she will usually use audios from her huge metaphysical library. She has a much larger selection then any public library or book store. The fact is that you will never see so many choices in one building. Each class will be limited to one to 3 students.

Oakland County, MI psychic medium Sherrie Ellen is a big fan of Esther Hicks who channels Abraham. She thinks that this woman just rocks with loads of inspiration. They say that birds of a feather flock together, and like attracts like. One think is for sure is that the Master is always trying to uplift, enlighten and teach people how to overcome their road blocks. Sherrie was put her help those to not be fearful of looking beyond the veil.  will teach you that nothing is written in stone and that GOD had given all of his beloved children free will.

Come delve into the passion of the violet flame

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 04/10/14

Come delve into the passion of the violet flame with one of the most accurate and enchanting Michigan psychics. Let’s cleanse our souls and bring new energetic vibrant light of glory into our auras by being in the presence of Master psychic medium Sherrie Ellen. This world beloved metaphysician spends hours in deep trance and meditation. She hones in on the deepest core of her god self to bring in the best possible messages into readings from her diverse clientele.

 Many people contact Master Sherrie Ellen to ask her what her specialty is. She will tell each and every one of them she stream lines each individual reading to suite the unique needs of each subject, even though she has come out as a very in tuned medical intuitive who is known for her surprising accuracy.

Master psychic medium Sherrie Ellen’s readings have been compared to other mediums that have acclaimed world fame and are charging top dollar for their sessions. She has kept her pricing reasonably low to accommodate the average person. She is founder of The Traveling Psychics who are known for the high octane tarot card readers, palm readers and party psychics. She will be putting on some of her own special events with them to give the public a special treat and opportunity to meet the best psychics in Michigan.

Angels surround me like the gentle wings of butterflies

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 03/25/14

Since I was a small child I always knew that I was different. As a little girl I always felt protected because I knew that my god, his angels and all my spirit guides were protecting me. It was a deep inner knowing with in my very being that I was her for a very special purpose. These beings of light were here to help me fulfill my mission.

As I walked through my journey I would warn many people who have caused me harm to try and turn their misdeeds around for their own sakes, because I have seen what negative results will befall these earthly souls that will try and interfere in my duties here on this earth plain.  I find it much more fun to just sit and wait. I just relax and continue witling away at my work.

One of my dearest friends Bradly who passed on to the spirit would once asked me how I could not retaliate. I said that I have god by my side, and that these people would not escape their karma. Anyways I turn lemons into lemonaide. I would make psychic predictions about these people that would come true. This would in turn lead others who were in need of spiritual guidance to come my way to seek divine information that would help light their own ways. I would use the evil doers as examples of what not to do.

When I was a very tiny little girl I would try and stay up when my family went to sleep. I would just stare into the night and watch all the orbs move around me. I found it fascinating. It was like a beautiful light show. I found it magnificently entertaining. There was an agreement before I was allowed to come before the people on this earth plain.  There was a commitment made by these beings who would accompany me.  They are here to help protect, guide and see me through fulfilling the purpose of this particular journey here on earth. They are my accompanying guardians of the light.

Many people to this day still ask me how I became a Michigan psychic. I guess this is just part of my story. This journey is that I am on is still moving forward and my gifts are multiplying and getting stronger. Psychic abilities and mediumship is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. I am certain that I am still being prepared for something greater then where I stand as of now. It’s easier to just follow my natural flow in the directon that the universe has led me which go back as far back as I can remember in my earliest childhood years.

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